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Date Added: March 05, 2010 06:31:45 PM
Author: Independent Dubai Escorts
Category: Middle-East: Dubai escorts
One of the most favored exotic destinations in the world is most definitely Dubai. Dubai is the second largest emirate in the United Arab Emirates. It is a Muslim country but it is considered to be the most liberal Muslim country in the region. But, nevertheless we must be aware some basic laws that are different from any other non-Muslim country.

One of the basic laws which is unimaginable in the non-muslim countries is the possibility for a man to have more than one wife. This is a normal thing is the Middle East but its a criminal offense anywhere else in the world.

The laws which are interesting to the tourists taking part in a Dubai travel is the alcohol regulations and the escort services. Most of the tourists visiting Dubai want to have fun and that includes participating in the rich nightlife of the city. Visiting a hotel bar or nightclub often result in a consumption of alcoholic beverages. Alcohol is prohibited in store and supermarkets, it can be only bought in hotels, restaurants and nightclubs. The consumption of alcohol is confined to these premises, it is not allowed to drink in the street, parks, etc.

The nightlife's hot atmosphere boosted with liquor results often in the search for the companionship of the opposite sex. This sometimes leads to the use of the services of prostitutes. The prostitution is strictly prohibited in the United Arab Emirates but there is an alternative. This alternative solution is the use of the services of an escort agency.

Dubai escort agencies are companies which provide a female or male companionship for the customer. The company dispatches escorts to a specific location which can be a house, hotel room or any other location. Some of the escort agencies even provide long term escorts for holidays, vacations or business trips. The company itself only arranges the meetings and dispatches the escorts but has nothing to do with the sexual services some escorts will provide to their customers.

This business functionality of the escort agencies provides them legal security. The escort agencies can not be charged for breaking the law because they only provide social companions to the customers and they are not offering any kind of sexual services.

There are a lot of Dubai escort agencies working in the city. They have a lot of work and they offer a companionship of beautiful girls and men. Of course the demand for girls is much higher so the offers are accordingly very good. We can find any kind of age, built and look, all we have to do is to choose the right girl/men for us.

The leading Dubai escort agencies have their own websites where we can browse the agencies offers. Here we can find information about the girls and we can see their pictures too. Some agencies offers online contacts too, so we can reserve a specific companion and discuss the detail prices. Of course the agency can not be legally responsible for what will happen between the client and the escort.
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